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Monday, January 12, 2015

Working in Lund, Living in Malmo

Hejsan allihopa! Thanks everyone for the updates. I love hearing from ya! We are finally back on a regular schedule with Monday pdays and missionary work and boy does it feel good! Wowee, what a long great week. Let me tell you about it...

Mån: I hate packing. Gosh, it is so hard trying to make everything fit in, haha. We went into Stockholm for maybe my last time before I go home, to check out the stores and Gamla Stan and all of the old memories that I have there. We had dinner with the L's -one of my favorite families in Handen for sure. We met and said goodbye to I -a recent convert that I've taught most of the after baptism discussions to. He's so awesome.

Tis: We cleaned the apartment and the area book then I spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to my investigators and people I taught like L, E, D, C and H. I'm sad I have to leave H but I know he is firmly planted in the gospel and will be ok. We've talked about him going on a mission and that will be so awesome!!!! We then had one final dinner with M and karaoke:)

Ons: Transfer day=crazy day! All 3 suitcases stuffed to the brim. I went to the Täby chapel for the trainers and new missionaries meeting. I already knew who my greeny would be (because Elder M told me ha) but it was fun to see everyone else so surprised for each other. So my new comp is Elder L.....enko -from Idaho. Haha, his dad is straight outta Russia and his mom comes from Idaho. His mom served in your mission pops- Belgium. Anyway, he is great. He got a new investigator while he was waiting at the immigration office- so awesome! Our train was delayed so instead of being a 5 hour train ride it was a 7 hour ride!! There were about 10 missionaries on the same train that got off at several stops along the way so that was fun. We pulled into our place at about 10.15 pm and just crashed. 
[No more pics this week 'cause we forgot the cord]

Tors: We unpacked and headed to district meeting. Even though we will be working in Lund we live in Malmö -about a 30 minute commute. We are whitewashing which means we are basically starting from scratch. But I'm not frustrated; I'm super pumped actually! It is so much fun. It is how I was trained so I know how it goes! We obviously had to have kebab after district meeting for my "son" to try it for the first time. Let me tell you I found out that Southern kebab is soooooooo much better than it is up north! Gosh, it is amazing. I had to take a little pause on my healthy eating plan for both of us;)

Later we got into our area and met some people at the YSA center. We are in charge of that, so that helps with us commuting every day. There is a senior couple -the Ns, who are great, and then 2 sets of elders and 1 set of sisters in Lund. It is a university town and boy do I love it already!! It's so amazing! We visited with an investigator who has worked with missionaries for a long time. She bore her testimony to us that she knows the book of Mormon is true and that she wants to be baptized! So my greeny asks her the question and places a date! (It might not happen because of medical issues and such but she is super sincere and nice.)

Fre: We have to spend lot of time walking around and getting to know our area. It's sad because we are training, which takes extra study time in the morning, and with the 30 min commute we don't really get into our area until 1 and by that time, the sun is on its way down haha. Oh well. More daylight is on its way. We met with another investigator who is a bit sensitive and gets upset if you say the wrong thing. That was tough. We set up our vision as a companionship. My comp has a lot of fire and very very very very high goals. I'm trying to balance that with realistic goals. However, I am just going to go with it and support him the whole way. We've already had great success, why stop now? We got to play innebandy [indoor hockey] with some YSAs -that was fun!

Lör: Weekly planning session: not much to plan when you don't know. But we are taking a crack at everything and totally relying on the Lord for help and guidance. We aren't stressing, we are having a good time. And that's super neat to see. I've put aside all of my former routines and habits (even the good ones) and have seriously just started fresh with Elder L. I truly feel love for him and am trying to make sure he has the best time of his life out here. We had dinner with this awesome young couple -the S's. They helped us with a lot of questions we had about the people and area and are willing to help us out anytime. 

Sön: Sundays are always so good! Our church does the P/RS first, then SS and then Sacrament meeting. It's a change for me but I like it. My comp has been so exhausted trying so hard to understand and speak Swedish -which is pretty good so far. He kept falling asleep and it was funny:) We both got to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting. I felt an amazing peace and excitement within the ward. They are so good and just want to help out! Lund is amazing!!!! We got invited over to dinner with the N family -super big fam and super awesome. We are already being taken care of well here. The Lord is too good to us.  (Any chance he gets, my comp goes to sleep hahaha. I can't blame him. I was that tired too when I first got out.) 

Well, there are a lot of big changes, lots of new things going on, and a whole lot of not knowing too. However, I can already see that the Lord is blessing me with a greater capacity of patience and Charity. I have been praying a lot for these 2 things and really want to work on them. I have noticed that certain things that used to bother me don't anymore. Especially with a brand spanking newbie, and knowing I have a lot of responsibility, it's comforting to know I'm not alone. This is a great opportunity for me to recognize my weaknesses and confusions and just fully, completely rely on God to help me out with everything. It feels amazing really. It's hard to explain, but I love it. I love this work. I love my companion. And I love all of you. Hope you have an amazing week!

med stor kärlek

äldste Johnson

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