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Monday, January 26, 2015

Choose to Follow

I need to get a shirt with this saying on it!
Hello everyone! It seems like the pattern lately is that the week starts off good, the middle is hard, but then the ending is good. Haha I don't know why. Plus, this week has been super cold. It's not colder than Stockholm, but it is a ton more humid, so it seems a lot colder. Let me tell ya...

Mån: So our P-day consisted of walking around the streets of Malmö to see what there. We didn't even get through a tiny piece of the city but it was super cool. We found some good looking ties -I bought matching ones for me and my comp. He almost bought a guitar...haha. Then we went up to Lund to proselyte the rest of the night. We did a lot of swingbys and.....no one answered.

Me and Elder H on exchanges
Tis: Exchanges with the DL's. I was with Elder H and had a super fun day. It was good again to be with someone who could help teach the lessons, haha. My comp does a great job but he's still learning the language and trying to fully comprehend everything. We taught some cool people. We had dinner and taught a member's friend who has been to church for some time. It was more of getting to know her and seeing where she was coming from. It was super funny though, we were bearing solid testimony -the spirit was strong, and out of nowhere the member brings out some ice cream. Hahaha! Man, that was good. We then visited this member whom I thought was less active -turns out she's not. That was pretty funny. She has an awesome conversion story too btw. Then we came home to call N and read from the Book of Mormon with her.

Ons: We taught D with a member, O, helping us. The discussion got pretty intense. He has never fully received the missionary lessons- He's just talked to missionaries so we are for sure going to go over them with him. At the end, we wanted D to pray so bad. It seriously felt like "the District" moment. We were'nt leaving until he did. He was being stubborn. So then I suggested that we all take turns saying a prayer on our knees. He closed it off and it was so good! Gosh, the spirit was strong -it was awesome! O then came with us on another teach but that didn't go too well. We left really confused but we will see what happens.

We spend a lot of time on trains.  Sometimes not the right one. 
Tors: We had a solid study session and were super pumped to go out and work hard. We planned to go to a town called Eslöv. We looked up what train to take. We got on and... sadly, the train didn't stop there. It went right past for another 40 minutes haha! We ended up in Hässleholm. So then we headed back to Lund, and this time the train stopped at Eslöv. We go to get off the train and the door was broken. So we hurried to the other doors and they closed just as we got there haha. It was so funny and not funny. Just unbelievable. I guess God really didn't want us to be there. Later we then had dinner with the S's again and it was super fun. For some reason they were just all laughs and jokes. We had another lesson with N which focused on Alma 34 -if we don't improve our lives now, it will be harder in the next life. 

Fre: We and the other Lund elders are helping out O. He had to come home from his mission because of a broken foot but can go back out in a month. So every weekday we take turns doing studies with him and taking him out on lessons as much as possible. It really helps when doing role plays and especially language study from a real Swede. That night we got blåsted twice so we just contacted until it was time to go back home.

Waffles - So good!
Lör: We helped a family do some moving by packing and unpacking things for them. 2 hours of good service. I love helping people move. I have never had to move in real life ha. We had a Lund unit meeting afterwards at the N's-along with lunch. Waffles and this amazing buttermilk syrup!!! HOLY COW!!! it was incredible. Thats all i can say. We finished off the day by teaching people on the streets.

Sön: Not so good news to start off the Sabbath but we were advised to consider dropping the people we are teaching because of .....stuff. I can see the reasons. SO this next week will be interesting as we really dig deep to find some new people to teach. My companion got sick later in the day and we went home so he could sleep. I think it has finally hit him- that he is on a mission and its hard. (Yep, It is hard.) We had a good talk and I think things will get better.

So our lesson in gospel principles was based on agency. I have thought a lot about it throughout my mission.  We all have the ability to choose. Good or evil. It's simple. God is good. Other is evil. God has given us the knowledge to choose good from evil. However, knowledge is nothing if it is not applied. That's wisdom. So we are constantly learning how to be wise while here in this trial period. We are not alone. We have a savior who we can CHOOSE to follow and return to our Father in celestial glory. That is so amazing. The choice is ours. It is my prayer that we are not just knowledgable but wise- an agent and not an object. I know God's plan is real and that He loves us. I love you all, have a great week.
Med Kärlek
Äldste Johnson

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